If you are just starting out or would like to win more prizes, these are some must reads. There are many scams out there. Do not waste your time. Learn how to pick the right contests and sweepstakes with higher chances of winning.

Sweepstakes MILLIONAIRE: How to Win a Life of Luxury through Sweepstakes
“Sweepstakes Millionaire is refreshing, educational, and a great learning guide for sweepers. I appreciate the fact that much research and evidence is provided, as well as The Theory of Relativity! The Convention pictures were a plus, as I imagined being there for the fun. I highlighted and added my own stickies with labels for future references. Hard to put down, and a renewed joy to win, win, win!”

If you have ever thought of investing your time to enter and win sweepstakes, I urge you to read this book. It will provide you with the information needed to start winning quickly.

Ready, Click, Win! How to Find, Enter and Win Online Sweepstakes
I knew when I started out that I wanted to do online contesting. This book, over all the others, gives you precise information on the best websites that list contests and also the best free/or nearly free computer programs to keep your computer clean and bug free. If you are only about online contesting this is a must.

“Provided information to locate, track, and enter any number of contests and sweepstakes. Included organizing expamples and how to prepare yourself for improving your changes of winning.”

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter: American Edition
An entertaining guide to begin entering sweepstakes and contests as your hobby. Have fun and BE A WINNER!

“Entertaining, informative and well written it will be indespensible for those new to the hobby and much enjoyed by anyone who enjoys sweepstakes as a hobby. A “must read” for anyone who loves sweepstakes.”

“Lots of good information and websites to make contesting fun and profitable. Contesting is a skill and know-how is very important. Well written and easy to understand.”

Contest Guru’s Guide To Winning Sweepstakes [Kindle Edition]
Have you ever walked by a draw box in a store and NOT entered? BIG mistake!

You too can be a WINNER: In addition to giving great information on why sweepstakes are FREE to enter, the author, Melanie Rockett provides details on the many different kinds of sweepstakes and which ones have the best odds for winning. She goes through the dozens of different ways to find great contests and how to spot and stay away from potential scams.

“I will recommend this book to my friends who enter sweepstakes all the time.”

“There are a lot of scams out there, but there are also thousands of legitimate sweepstakes. Now I know how to differentiate between the two.”

You are a Winner! Easy 1,2,3 Sweepstakes and Contests “True Confessions and Inside Secrets of an Admitted Sweep-a-holic” (Easy Sweeps and Contests) [Kindle Edition]
“In this fascinating guide, she explains exactly where to find the best contests and sweepstakes, how and when to enter them, which ones to AVOID and where to find some incredible tools to give you the advantage over other entrants.”

“Penelope (author) breaks down the process in a really easy to follow manner and illustrates how easy it is to potentially get some great free stuff.