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Where can I get free cPanel hosting (free webspace) with MySQL databases? Can I win it from a contest or sweepstake?

But I have heard about what happened to Geocities which got closed down and left many website owners devastated. Is free hosting really that bad?

I just need to try host my website I developed on my PC via Dreamweaver. If everything is okay and the domain name is working well with the website, I do not mind paying. Any suggestion on which hosting is good?

Hosting sweepstakes will be okay to try but if there is a better deal, please tell me.

Answer|Web Space FreeOur Answer: When you are developing your own website via dreamweaver, a free web host is not advisable for you. Free hosting only offers limited features.

Get to know the limits of free hosting:
Limitations for Weebly, Yola, Webs.com and other template based hosting:

  1. no FTP access
  2. no scripting/database/PHP/MySQL etc.
  3. some have ads and will make your site look unprofessional
  4. may disappear and be gone like Geocities
  5. no customer support

Limitations of PHP/MySQL/FTP free hosting such as 000webhost:

  1. slow and less reliable servers
  2. account can be suspended without warning for overusing resources
  3. small bandwidth
  4. small space
  5. no customer support

What we recommend:
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